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Distribution of selected evaluation scores for different types of models

For each measure (specified in the x-axis title), a blue boxplot shows the score distribution for models built starting from reference structure, while a red boxplot - for models built ab initio. Box boundaries correspond to the Q1=25th (bottom) and Q3=75th (top) percentiles in the data; the vertical line inside the box corresponds to the median (Q2). The width of the box defines the interquartile range (IQR=Q3-Q1). The length of the whiskers shows the range of the values outside the interquartile range, but within 1.5 IQR. The dots correspond to outliers, i.e. values outside the 1.5 IQR range.
Self-estimates (coords only)

Fit to Map

Fit to reference 

Similarity to
 other models

NOTE: Clicking on a set of boxplots brings up a new window with distribution plots for all measures in the selected category (e.g., Fit to Map).
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